So what is it about yoga and horseback riding? @SugarSpiceRanch combines the two for a perfect getaway!

Allison Kara (middle) with yogi friends
Saddles and Mats is one of the favorite events that is held only a few times each year at The Sugar and Spice Ranch. The next will be Labor Day weekend, September 1 ~ 5.

So what is it about yoga and horseback riding? Well, yoga, of course, is good exercise, helps you stretch out tight hamstrings that will assist with comfortable riding. It will create suppleness in your body and with practice will give you great flexibility. Yoga builds core strength and core strength helps with riding posture.

But what’s more is yoga and riding both are about being present. When you are on the mat breathing through the poses, focusing on your body, you are present in the moment. Breath and focus are important when you are riding as well,
allowing you to keep your posture, flow with the
movement of the horse and stay-in-the-moment.

Both yoga and horses make you innately seek the connection, and when it happens, it’s joyful.  It’s why the two activities go together so well and why The Sugar and Spice Ranch is happy to include Saddles and Mats in their Women’s Only packages.

This Labor Day weekend, Allison Kara is returning to The Sugar and Spice Ranch to lead the Yoga sessions. Allison studied at the Kripalu School of Yoga, the premier educational organization 'dedicated to the inquiry into what creates a fulfilled human life. They teach the art and science of yoga to tens of thousands of people each year.' Miss Leigh, the owner of the ranch is delighted to have Allison lead their yoga sessions and help each of their guests to relax and focus while enjoying horseback riding in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Allison Kara on the mat
If you are interested in joining Saddles and Mats, it's highly recommended you book your all-inclusive stay as early as possible as they are accepting only eight women for this highly sought-after getaway retreat.

In their next few posts, they will give you the scoop on their mother and daughter weekends that will be available throughout the fall. Moms and their daughters or favorite girl get to care for and ride horses together, learn a thing or two about each other and strengthen their bond. It’s a priceless experience! They will also have information about their 2017 summer camps for which they are once again offering early enrollment discounts.

Maria is a contributor to The Sugar & Spice Ranch, "Where's Miss Leigh" Blog, where a similar article was originally published on July 23, 2016.

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