Jean Johnson; Food can't get any better

When I find value in a product or a service, an idea or a person, I like to share it with others. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in sales, marketing and public relations for so many years that it is just natural for me to pick up on something and automatically promote it. Of course, I personally have to find the value in the product or service, idea or person before I will take the time to “share”.
Over the last several months I’ve come to know Jean Johnson. She is a food historian, a proponent of sustainability, an author and a pretty cool lady. She has written two cookbooks and has one on its way. As an author I love her style and she is definitely the real deal when it comes to food history and sustainability issues. She shares her thoughts on treating the food nicely and that means honoring the animals that give their lives for our consumption and not poisoning your veg with GMO’s and pesticides.

Her recipes make for some mighty wonderful tasting meals and you get the added benefit of learning a philosophy about food, eating and sustainability that will change the way you think about nourishment. Her books include interesting food facts and quips. She shares her life experiences and her love of music as if you were a dear friend and her books will become your kitchen companion. Who thought the reading of a cookbook could be fun and enjoyable!?!

I bought her Hippie Kitchen cookbook, the first in her trilogy of cookbooks which include Cooking Beyond Measure and Grow Your Own: From the Garden to the Table which is due out in 2011. I’ve poured over Hippie Kitchen and found everything to my liking … I bet you will too! Now that Jean’s publisher is allowing her to offer no shipping charges on ‘signed’ copies through December, it’s a perfect time to start planning for holiday time presents. I recommend her work and her books … I hope you’ll have a look at them and see for yourself.
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