Sweetgrass Lowcountry Weddings by Charmayne

Lovely, refreshing, and visually stunning are just a few of the descriptions a Charleston Lowcountry wedding evokes. It's a gracious location rich in tradition, perfect for that very special day and, of course, holds the allure of that sweet, slow, southern feel of the sea island culture.

Photo: drive2.subaru.com
A popular trend for the past few years that does not appear to be going away anytime soon has been to add a bit of unique, local flair to your wedding with Sweetgrass Baskets. Include locally crafted, handmade Sweetgrass Baskets to your tables, and as lovely favors for your guests to keep. Delightful as a ring bearer tray, flower girl basket or as beautiful holders for your table flowers, sweetgrass baskets make for an authentic Lowcountry experience and cherished remembrance.

Handmade Sweetgrass Palmetto Roses by Charmayne Nezz Art LLC
"Tradition holds that during the War Between the States, 
Southern Ladies would give their true love a palmetto rose 
to keep them safe from harm and like her love for him, was everlasting. 
Today the Palmetto Rose is still a keepsake symbolizing everlasting love."

Charmayne Nesbitt is one of the very talented "basket ladies" who has been sewing baskets in the Lowcountry tradition, preserving the history and educating about the art of sweetgrass basketry. Since she sewed her very first basket, Charmayne has honed her craft and has become sought after for her careful detail and polished finish of her work.

Photo: Handmade Old Fashioned Sweetgrass Basket by Charmayne Nezz Art LLC
Charmayne will help you to set the right mood with her wedding packages including table baskets, flower holders, Palmetto Roses, and wedding keepsakes. Of course, she will be happy to work with you to customize the perfect package for your special day!

"Also called the Everlasting Rose or the Charleston Love Rose, 
the Sweetgrass Palmetto Rose makes a lovely and lasting bouquet 
and adorned on the groom and groomsmen, they are fabulous boutonnieres."

Photo: Handmade wedding favor by Charmayne Nezz Art LLC
"Coiled basketry is one of the oldest African crafts in America, 
appearing in South Carolina during the late 17th century." 

Each of Charmayne's pieces is made by her hand with all the care and love that comes with preserving a piece of history.

Photo: Handmade by Charmayne Nezz Art LLC

For inquiries/orders, please call 843-412-0567 or 843-336-4383 or email Charmayne at nesbu2@peoplepc.com and visit her website at http://mkt.com/nezz-art-llc .

Handmade with care requires time, and some orders may require a 30-60 day notice.

You can visit her basket stand in Mount Pleasant located at the intersection of 2966 Hwy 17 N. and Muhlenbergia Drive. (Front entrance to Gregorie Ferry Landing Apartments)

Photo: Nezz Art LLC

Anne Neilson Fine Art

I just spent two cups of morning coffee looking at the very beautiful artwork of Anne Neilson of Anne Neilson Fine Art in Charlotte. I think that's a morning well spent. We all love pretty don't we?

This image belongs to and is of Anne Neilson's original artwork called "A Greater Joy."
For more information, click to go to her website

She shares her inspirations and stories that create her art. This image is of the cover of Strokes of Compassion.
This image belongs to and is of Anne Neilson's art book called "Strokes of Compassion." 
For more information, click to go to her website
She has several gorgeous art books and is making beautiful journals which will be due out very soon but can be pre-ordered on her website. She has four different images, but this one is my favorite.

This image belongs to and is of Anne Neilson's art journal called "Light of My Presence Journal."
For more information, click to go to her website 

Garden Inspirations by Charlotte Moss

This book because we all love pretty gardens and pretty books.

Expected publication: April 28th, 2015 by Rizzoli (first published April 14th, 2015)


Let's make this recipe for what seems to be a delightfully refreshing cocktail from the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits



1  1/2 cups Tequila
1 cup citrus juice (mixture of freshly squeezed lime, orange, lemon & tangerine juices)
3/4 cup (or more) soda water
Ice cubes

1.  Combine all the ingredients in a pitcher and stir.
2.  Pour into cocktail glasses and serve over ice.

Photo from food52.com

Dear Carolina by Kristy Woodson Harvey ... @kristywharvey #BookReview

Dear Carolina is an ambitious first book for a young Author indeed, and a book well done. Two mothers different by circumstance, holding space for each other with similar heart, one a biological mother, the other the adoptive mother each tell a love story to their child. This young author has written a story of families coming together in support of each other; it's a story of pain, heartbreak, renewals and love. Written in beautiful southern voice, it is lyrical.

"You can never have too many people who love you." 
~Khaki from Dear Carolina by @kristywharvey 

There have been times when I've been asked to read an advance copy and give an honest review but find myself uninterested in the story or writing. In those rare times, I'll simply decline to publish the review; this time was quite different. Immediately taken with this story from the very first few pages, I found myself wishing I could keep reading instead of working.

 The strength of the women, the richness of the characters traveling this story is beautiful, and it's lovely and it's brave. It is a book well worth reading for the writing and the story.

"But I knew right well, 
watching the moon rise that night, 
that no matter what them smart scholars say, 
love is the hardest equation." 
~Jodi from Dear Carolina by @kristywharvey 

I enjoyed Dear Carolina by Kristy Woodson Harvey. I'd recommend to anyone who believes family doesn't just mean blood relations. Tweet this

About the Author
"Kristy Woodson Harvey holds a degree in journalism and mass communications from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a master’s in English from East Carolina University. She writes about interior design and loves connecting with readers. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and three-year-old son. Dear Carolina is her first novel."

There's more
You can learn more about Kristy and her work as an Author and a Designer by visiting her website where you can also pre-order Dear Carolina that is set to release May 5, 2015. As well, all the usual places including Barnes & Noble and Amazon, but if you are so inclined, I suggest purchasing at and supporting a local independent bookstore in your neighborhood.

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