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Today's prompt is "What do you wish for your home" and today I wish for healing.
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Luck be mine !!

I just learned that the poem I wrote for Poppy Swap’s give away was a winner and soon I will be the recipient of a ‘velvety Lotion Bar made with Organic Cocoa Butter, Dark Unsweetened Chocolate, raw unrefined Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive oil, and Candelilla wax and it will be hand crafted by Aquarian Bath.’ I am very excited … and it will be heart shaped!!!
How beautiful!
Please visit Poppy Swap, I think you will love it!

“”Poppy Swap is an online market place of herbalists, wildcrafters, gardeners, farmers and sustainable wholesalers. Poppy Swap introduces people, plants, and products. (The) founder Kiki, is on a mission to ignite these relationships, foster herbal enthusiasm and  to "bring people herbs."
(The Poppy Swap) site promotes sustainable commerce that supports artistic value.Poppy Swap is developing community that cares about the planet. The Poppy Swap forum is a resource for personal and environmental education and a great meeting place for people to connect about herbs, spirit and sustainable living.
Poppy Swap will only list products that are made out of natural ingredients or that have been produced in a sustainable, holistic manner. (They) do not promote or support the trading of intoxicants or illegal substances.””
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Jamie prompts “What aspect of your personality do you wish to express more of?” ….

I have spent much time suppressing ME …  knowing I was wilder than the others, I had to hide in the brush, behind the trees to avoid the insensitivity of those who would try to cage me, claim my nature. I was birth into a circle where ‘extreeemmme’ pressure was placed to conform, to be what the self-elected said you must be. There was no air to breath so I escaped into my heart, into the wilds, into the deserts. The roots were deep and I only allowed a few into my den and when they proved true, they became anam cara and my tribe. I know that I can not cage even small parts of ME, even to appease the elders, can’t, won’t and understand that those who choose to cage spirit are only doing so because their spirit is poor of health. 

With that knowing, I am free …

So what do I want to express more of? I would answer ME, the creative, wild ME. The woman who steps to her own music, hears her own drummer … makes her own medicine.


Loves Day

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This is a lovely meditation for a day such as today ....

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. 
~~ 1 Corinthians 13:4-5
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Pretty Picture

I’m so pleased with my new Etsy purchase. I really love the idea of buying handmade items from wonderfully creative people. This print titled A GOOD MOTHER from Pixie Campbell is just my recent love. I’ve already ordered another piece that I think will complement this one well and can’t wait for Mr. Postman to stop by with the goods.
<<Pardon the poor photography.>> 
This print is incredibly vibrant actually and a better photo can be seen at Pixie’s Etsy Shop  
Included in the package were three cards featuring other creative works by Pixie. Each card had a story about her inspiration for the painting.
IMAG0561 (1)
A smaller print as well.
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Love Poem to the Planet

Kiki of Poppy Swap, a wonderful new online marketplace for herbal products has just announced a ‘give away’ and has asked for  people to write a love poem to the planet. Well, as I work on stretching my vision through writing, I decided to step out, looking both ways of course, and post a love poem to the earth. The toughest part of doing this was not really the writing of four lines but it was grabbing my heart and posting it on Poppy Swap’s Facebook page where many people will see it and <<cringe>> they may not be as loving as my dear blog friends. I guess this will be a huge learning for me in many ways, getting an opportunity for an objective review through the reaction. It would also be pretty fun to win too!
Sing me a song of the earth, a song of life
Sing for the mother, We suckle at her breast
Give back to the mother, She offers us her bounty
Sing me a song, a song of life


Oniric childImage by Renzo Ferrante via Flickr
A hawk flew in circles above me today …. but that will be words for another time, maybe.

I was prompted today “What do you wish to Dare?”

Ahh, so intriguing to think about being daring, it’s delicious,  and delightful!
I dare to find the dream that floated around me when I was just a child. I dare to create it as something of passion, of wonder … that will sustain over time and be remembered.

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Sun Healing

I often wake before the dawn, at that time when it feels as if you are between two worlds. My perfect time to gather myself, throw bones, create words if so inspired. This day I woke but continued to dream a fuzzy half awake, half asleep dream where the movement was slow and filled with shadow. Do you know what I mean? I think we all have these wondrous times when we are hearing the sounds of ancestors and angels. The moments lasted a long time ‘till I became truly awake to the sounds of blue birds squawking at each other and the sun pouring in on me and I rose with a sense of urgency to see the day. It was the first time I had heard  a family of birds since the snows arrived and I felt refreshed, wanting, needing to hear the sounds of life, and feel the sun on my body even if only through glass.
Can you feel the sun? … warm on your skin … melting into your bones … calling you, teasing you, wanting to be your lover. Your arms open wide to embrace, face turned up, skin pulsing to each beat of your heart.

Rabbit Rebirth

The Chinese New Year is upon us … the year 4708. The party started today on the New Moon and will rest on the 18th, the full moon. It all seems so auspicious … feels like good luck is in swirling through the air for all new ventures. Feels like  there will be a rest from the heady intrigue of last years Tiger.
When Rabbit show up it’s time for a rebirth.
Some say Rabbit symbolizes fears because they tend to be nervous little creatures. Fears that hold us back from treasured archetypes, from the strong creations we are meant to be, it’s a time to cast fears away and allow wild growth.
This theme of new, change, shift is following me around and I’m just sitting with it, opening my heart to it. It showed itself this afternoon in my meeting. As I interviewed I felt the conversation in an inspired way rather than the usual ‘business is business’ way. I’m seeing my work in a new light, a deeply creative light, I’m understanding it differently and the exploration is wonderful.
It’s good medicine …
rabbit hiding
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New Moon, New Dreams

Fire-bearers circle figures of The Green Man f...Image via WikipediaThe new moon is here and at the same time we have reached the half way point between winter and spring! Soon the earth will awaken from it’s rest. A time to celebrate and dream new dreams, make new plans … open your heart for the new that you want.

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Wishcasting on the New Moon

I am prompted to consider what burden I wish to put down. Though I wish for no burdens to be held by anyone, I am a realist (at times) and know each of us experience weights of burden.  I am aware of the hardships created by this long, harsh winter … the snow, cold, ice … that so many people are feeling and wish Winter Katsina would ease his grip.

As I watched the change of the two worlds this morning, from dark to light, I again saw the gray sky, the moon hidden and only the wet flakes flowing down, I felt the weight of this month full with snow. Though I know that an awakening will come soon and life will return.


A Hopi Legend

Blue Corn Maiden was the prettiest of the corn maiden sisters. The Pueblo People loved her very much, and loved the delicious blue corn that she gave them all year long. Not only was Blue Corn Maiden beautiful, but she also had a kind and gentle spirit. She brought peace and happiness to the People of the Pueblos.

One cold winter day, Blue Corn Maiden went out to gather firewood. This was something she would not normally do. While she was out of her adobe house, she saw Winter Katsina. Winter Katsina is the spirit who brings the winter to the earth. He wore his blue and-white mask and blew cold wind with his breath. But when Winter Katsina saw Blue Corn Maiden, he loved her at once.

He invited her to come to his house, and she had to go with him. Inside his house, he blocked the windows with ice and the doorway with snow and made Blue Corn Maiden his prisoner. Although Winter Katsina was very kind to Blue Corn Maiden and loved her very much, she was sad living with him. She wanted to go back to her own house and make the blue corn grow for the People of the Pueblos.

Winter Katsina went out one day to do his duties, and blow cold wind upon the earth and scatter snow over the mesas and valleys. While he was gone, Blue Corn Maiden pushed the snow away from the doorway, and went out of the house to look for the plants and foods she loved to find in summer. Under all the ice and snow, all she found was four blades of yucca.

She took the yucca back to Winter Katsina's house and started a fire. Winter Katsina would not allow her to start a fire when he was in the house.

When the fire was started, the snow in the doorway fell away and in walked Summer Katsina. Summer Katsina carried in one hand fresh corn and in the other many blades of yucca. He came toward his friend Blue Corn Maiden.

Just then, Winter Katsina stormed through the doorway followed by a roar of winter wind. Winter Katsina carried an icicle in his right hand, which he held like a flint knife, and a ball of ice in his left hand, which he wielded like a hand-ax. It looked like Winter Katsina intended to fight with Summer Katsina.

As Winter Katsina blew a blast of cold air, Summer Katsina blew a warm breeze. When Winter Katsina raised his icicle-knife, Summer Katsina raised his bundle of yucca leaves, and they caught fire. The fire melted the icicle.

Winter Katsina saw that he needed to make peace with Summer Katsina, not war. The two sat and talked.

They agreed that Blue Corn Maiden would live among the People of the Pueblos and give them her blue corn for half of the year, in the time of Summer Katsina. The other half of the year, Blue Corn Maiden would live with Winter Katsina and the People would have no corn.

Blue Corn Maiden went away with Summer Katsina, and he was kind to her. She became the sign of springtime, eagerly awaited by the People.

Sometimes, when spring has come already, Winter Katsina will blow cold wind suddenly, or scatter snow when it is not the snow time. He does this just to show how displeased he is to have to give up Blue Corn Maiden for half of the year.