I love the transformation ...

"To Journey without being changed is to be a nomad.
To change without journeying is to be a chameleon.
To journey and be transformed by the journey is to be a pilgrim."
~~ Mark Nepo
I am my journey!
You are your journey!

From http://lmbartelt.wordpress.com

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A new food blog on the block!

So tonight my niece wrote her first blog post. She is creating the blog as a part of the web analytics class for school. So interesting what kids are learning in school. When I was in college, back in the Dino age when we chiseled our work into stone, we didn't have that type of technology. The fanciest we ever got in college was to create a make believe business and try to make it profitable competing against other teams in the class.

Anyway, my niece's blog is New York Girl in a Florida Food World ... I love the name!

Driving friends to her blog will help her to get the 'numbers' that she will have to analyze for her class, so please drop by and comment on her post(s), share it with your friends. Let her know I sent you.

Maybe she'll like it and keep it going long after she has gotten a good grade ... I hope so!

There's a new food blog on the block my friends!!

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Found this on FB ... Love it! .... sometimes it is just that simple.

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Who loves a good cuppa?

So a friend on Facebook was talking about this delicious coffee she bought .... "you've got to try this coffee, it's so yummy." Well, alright, I bit! It doesn't take much. So I ordered two different kinds of coffee from Kathy at Favorite Cowgirl Coffee in Minnesota. Well, I don't normally go all that far to get my coffee and I have been a fan of  Pinon Coffee and Red Rock Roasters, both New Mexico coffees and obviously local businesses for this gal but I was determined to try this coffee and I thought the name was great. Of course someone (me) who works for Cowgirl Dirt cosmetics would like the name Favorite Cowgirl Coffee.

I ordered a bag of ground RODEO JOE (organic beans) and a bag of ground FAVORITE PONY. When the package arrived, I was so happy to see they had included this little cookie, sort of a rice krispie treat covered in chocolate in the shape of a horse. they call it a Frosted Filly ... how cute is that!

On Saturday morning, I fixed a small pot of Rodeo Joe, poured my first cup, put some music on and watched the sun come over the mountain and truly enjoyed this cuppa. Lately, I hadn't been drinking too much coffee, usually stopping at one cup but this day, I was ready for another. Good coffee, yes indeed, my FB friend was right.

This morning, I fixed a small pot of Favorite Pony. OK ... OK, now I know why the company says this is their signature blend. Deep and rich, full bodied, a real nice roast ... yes, delicious! I'm on my second cup now. I'll bet this coffee would make for a great evening cuppa with a sip of some good Pendelton or Montana Roughstock whiskey.

I'm glad I found this company and as always am happy to purchase American made products and support small American businesses. Stop by their website, read their 'about us' story, check them out. They also donate a portion of every sale to Cowgirls for a Cure, a group they started to support the Coburn Cancer Center Greatest Needs Fund. I like a company with a higher purpose, don't you? I'm going to try a few more of their blends ... I think this gal has hit on something good.

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