Feeling pretty in Armonk

La Gravinese Jewelers of Armonk photo
I had a lovely Saturday with my good girl friends whom I've known since I was a mere 15 years old. One of the highlights of the day was visiting Debra's store. It was the first time I had actually seen her store and all the 'pretty's' residing in the cabinets calling my name. I thought I would purchase a strand of pearls but my attention strayed to beautiful gold drop earrings with two small dangling pale aqua blue stones on each. Just beautiful! I can wear them with just about anything and won't I just be pretty, pretty!
La Gravinese Jewelers of Armonk photo

Such a lovely shop, in the center of a well appointed town. Not only does she offer the usual services but also custom design and redesign of jewelry, special orders, ear piercing, appraisals, watch repair, estate purchases, as well as teachers & corporate gifts. Designer lines included Leo Pizzo, Craig Drake, Kurt Wayne, Hidalgo, and many more. I enjoyed feasting my eyes on all the gorgeous diamonds and beautiful pearls.

Pave Settings

I learned about pave' jewelry where jewelry is designed and created with stones set very close together to create a unique look and beautiful shine...such as the very lovely pave' cocktail ring that was on display. Gorgeous diamonds clustered around a larger deeply colored blue gemstone.
If you are ever in the area or are interested in beautiful custom work, contact Debra at:
La Gravinese Jewelers of Armonk
Armonk, New York 10504
I always knew Debra to have great business sense as well as great style and a flair for the elegant. It's nice to see all that incredible talent being used so well. Just wonderful...thank you, Debra!

The Ocean Project...What an inspiring theme...

The Ocean Project
I've just learned about The Ocean Project, an organization seeking to educate and create awareness about the failing health of our oceans and create strength around needed conservation practices. I was inspired to learn more and join the group... I have much to learn. I am revisiting old interests in our beautiful oceans that sustain us each day. Of course living so close to the coast has made me very aware of how important it is to do what we can to insure the health of our oceans and the life within. There are many in the Charleston area that work to insure healthy habitat for sea turtles and other ocean life, care for the dunes and insure clean and safe beaches. I've also just learned that June 8th is the official World Oceans Day reminding us about our connectedness to the oceans whether we are close to the coast or deep inland. The oceans are no longer as healthy as they should be. Coral reefs are dying, rising sea level is threatening coastal communities and especially low lying islands such as North Carolina's Outer Banks. I encourage you to learn about the Ocean Project and make a pledge to protect our oceans.

We had a lovely visit!

Photographer: Jonathan Lamb; GNU Free Documentation License".
Lighthouse on Sullivan's Island, SC. This is the most modern lighthouse in South Carolina.
I've been away just long enough. I had house guests visiting so of course my goal was to create a lovely visit for them to remember...thus I had not a moment to post here.
We had a grand time relaxing at the beach, attending Beachwalker Boy's lower school graduation, eating, drinking and being merry. They have promised to return as soon as the begining of the new year when it will be cool enough to enjoy all the touring of historical places in this lovely area. I'm looking forward to their return and the visits of more friends and family who have decided a stop by is in order.

Hampton Park, Charleston, SC : Public Domain

I did have the opportunity to attend an event at Spoleto...on the last day...but still I had a first taste and it was wonderful. Beachwalker Boy and I attended an open air concert with a friend in Hampton Park featuring a great funky band from the Mount Pleasant area called Sababah. They were really quite good and good looking as well...at least one young man caught the attention of this old woman.