When the universe speaks …

The earthquake in Japan and in other areas of the Pacific Rim is heartbreaking. The footage taken by people with the presence of mind to do so is hard to watch and the potential danger surrounding the nuclear reactor at Fukushima that is damaged because of the 8.9 earthquake is frightening. I recently read that this full moon on March 19, the Full Crow Moon, is the moon that will come very close to the earth in it’s arrival and that often in the past, when this closeness has occurred, many a natural event has taken place shortly before and after. It reminds us that we are connected to everything and really, what does money, possessions, wall street or any other commercial thing really matter, especially war. It reminds me of the only things that matter, the people in my life … my child, my family, my friends, my neighbors, my workmates. What’s important is the natural world, our spiritual selves and the beauty and happiness we get from being a part of it.

It seems the universe is trying to literally rock us back to consciousness … prayers of healing for all beings, especially those in the hardest hit areas and let’s never forget our animal friends who will also suffer.

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Just sayin'

NYC Dance Parade 2010Image by Ennuipoet via Flickr

I vote for wild dancing in the streets!!!

Everyday .....
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Happy Birthday Boy

Thirteen years ago today my boy came to greet me with a howl and a head of jet black hair sticking straight up, a reminder. The midwife tried to wrap him in a blanket just like all the other babies she whispered but he would have none of that, no. Within minutes he broke free of those wraps and stretched his long arms and legs in freedom. Even then he took his place … and has proven to be well deserved of it. Happy birthday JR, I love you more than I can explain. You are my light, my joy and my bliss.
"But you know the worth of that young man.
He is your past and your future. He is hopes
and dreams that have made it through …"  ~~
Barbara Cage

JR _
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Jamie prompts, “What limits do you wish to set?”

After finding myself in the ER being prepped for emergency surgery last weekend, I have seen and felt what I do not want to see or feel again. I don't necessarily want to make an intention to set limits because I want expanse. So, I instead wish for healing … again, and good health going forward, the strength of mind to follow through and the peace that come with knowing I am tip top. Perhaps I could set limits on bad health to zero.

But there are so many other things to wish for as well. I wish my boy a wonderful celebration of the day he came to this world. I wish him a lifetime of joy and bliss, love that will expand him in all ways … I’m honored to be his Mom.

And things to be grateful for as well, a loving circle of friends and family, old acquaintances and new, shifts in mindsets, shifts in time, passionate work and new beginnings!
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Join us in celebrating Wednesdays with Wishcasting with Jamie Ridler. It’s a lovely way to set and voice your intentions.
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It’s a good month …

“Search deep within, concealed caves hold answers to the moon's question…”  ~~Jessie Vitale
This is the month my boy came to me in this world. He made his arrival on the 3rd day with a howl and a head full of obsidian hair that stood straight up reminding us of that tiny bit of blood. On his first day, he broke away, tore off his blankets to expose himself to the world. He wasn’t going to be like other babies and that is as it should be. It’s a good month!

The March full moon is also known as the crow moon. The crow caws it’s goodbye to the cold and welcomes the spring. Some will call it the worm moon because worm starts to come out for a look about now to let us know winter is ending and spring is nearby. It’s a good month!

The Roman calendar showed march as the first month of the year. Symbolically, this makes some sense in that march heralds in the spring time and the time to grow and produce, create and expand. I find all of those words appealing and I also find the lengthening of the day appealing though it is still much colder than my bones like. It’s a good month!

Boy will be thirteen this month, almost a man and yet still a boy. It seems appropriate the new moon will appear within 20 hours of his day. A good start for his teen years, a time of such expanse. Full of spunk and grit … and a mind of his own, he is my light and my joy. It’s a good month!

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