Beautiful Blankets and Bedding ... Made in the USA

This is my current collection of Pendleton Blankets. The best, warmest and coziest blankets you'll find anywhere ... and all Made in the USA. I love the bright colors and design.

This is the blanket that I would like to get next. This Red, Cream and Black Navajo Water Blanket is just beautiful. I'd like to feature it as a wall hanging because to my eye, it's a piece of art.
Navajo Water Blanket
Wrought Iron Blanket Hanger

I'm also interested in this beautiful Grey San Miguel Blanket Collection. The grey, red and white colors would be so nice in a bedroom ... the dark colors lend themselves well, I think, to a male room. Perhaps it might be nice for Beachwalker Boy's bedroom.

Grey San Miguel Blanket Collection
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Live life, Love life … Hug your babies

Live life to the fullestImage by ashhayes03 via Flickr

It was a report on the television and a posting on a blog where I learned of two separate incidences where people lost their lives in senseless accidents. In a flash, they’re gone!

It made me start to think of how important it is to live each day to its fullest because, well, you just never know what is down the road waiting. I thought of Tim McGraw’s hit song a few years back ‘Live Like You Were Dying’ and I went looking for ‘Boy’ to give him a big hug and tell him why he’s so important and so loved.

People just trudge through life sometimes, forgetting that each day could be cherished. I do it sometimes … though I try to always count my blessings and be grateful for everything and every person in my life. I know it’s important to offer some kind words everyday because I know they have a reciprocal effect and I know that sometimes just a nod says everything. But most of all, I know I have to live my hearts desires and climb my personal mountains, working on them each day, not ever being afraid to reach the top.

So, I continue to believe it is OK to walk in the rain without an umbrella. I continue to hug my ‘Boy’ at a whim and I remember to include all who have walked a trail with me in my prayers. And my favorite piece of advice for everyone is sometimes you should eat your desert first! Whatever desert that might be.

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Krusenstern horizImage via Wikipedia"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
- Mark Twain

What do you dream about doing one day? What's stopping you from doing it now?
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Dear Diary

I went for a long walk this morning and remembered the journey is always different on a paved road than on a dirt road.
Theres's no road in between!

Scoot 66 photo

A day at the Renaissance Faire

Last weekend, my sister (I'll call her Beach Walker Sis), my dear Beachwalker Boy and I went to the NY Renaissance Faire. It was the first time I had gone since I was just a college student quite some time ago. I learned, as we were driving there, that my sister's husband thought I was going to show up dressed in character. It's been a while since I've been that bold but then I hadn't seen my brother-in-law in a long time and I guess he still had pre-conceived notions of my behavior. Hmmmm! Could have been fun had I thought about it but then had I done so, I’m sure “Boy” would have died a thousand deaths.

It was a perfect day. There was a cool breeze that was definitely welcome after the heat wave that had recently occupied the days and there was a bit of cloud cover. It made for a delightful time walking around the faire because in upstate NY, it can get pretty dang hot and humid. I don’t care for NY weather but that’s a story for another day.

So what’s a Renaissance Faire without a Joust Tournament! The joust is my favorite part and I’ll admit I do enjoy keeping an eye on the normally handsome men riding full speed at each other

We raised our voices to cheer Sir Scarlett and waved our flags high but alas Scarlett let us down and Sir Ivanhoe stood in victory. It was great tournament and at the end, all of the characters paraded through the courtyard in their finery and the children were invited into the yard to be knighted by the Queen. Needless to say, that was beneath my dear tween, Beachwalker Boy but I’m sure he’ll be someone’s Knight in Shining Armor one day, no need to rush.

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Hearts Home

Albuquerque SunsetImage by srharris via Flickr

It was just a decree and a gavel, the possibilities endless, and the open road in front of me. No plan, just the butterflies in my stomach. Coming down nine mile hill, the lights of the city shown bright and I felt the promise that it was my life, part two. I had left the east, the place of my youth with all its pomp and tradition, my white house and my cats, morning coffee on the beach and the man of my youth.

Found myself riding into that beautifully enchanted place. So easy it was, to fall in love with the land, the people, the wide open space and the freedom to create with abandon. Slowly, my world happened, and each night I stared up at the mountain glowing pink with a wish for all that was good. It brought me good friends who are forever, new love that couldn’t stay and a child who will always be my true life inspiration.

But once again, on the wrong side of the country, with all its pomp and tradition, no white house or cats, no mornings on the beach and no man to fill my time. Where my heart calls out, it’s time to go home … to that spirited place, where the people hold rein on my heart, to the wide open land, where the freedom to create with abandon lives and start my life, part three.

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Boots and Pearls

Picture from Buckaroogirl
So, I've just found this album which I just love. This gals voice is really wonderful, strong and sassy and her poetry is brilliant.

Listen to some of the music. Check out this video interview from Western Horseman If you are of a same mind as me, you will enjoy. Her first album is Highway 80 ...

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Tony Stromberg

For my eyes, some of the most beautiful photography is of horses in a natural settings. Horses conjure images of the old west, of a sense of living free ... joyous movement, a connection to earth and to spirit. Why is that? Is it because of the stories of our youth, those old western movies and story books or is it much deeper. Perhaps a quiet connection we all have to these beings who are so innocent in nature.
Tony Stromberg creates such beautiful photos and his book, "The Forgotten Horses" is precious. It's a document dedicated to the horses unwanted but who were lucky enough to get a second chance.
I am not a rider, I don't own a horse but I am fascinated by these beautiful animals. I could watch them for hours in their own natural settings and in show. I'm impressed by riders and the connections they have with their horse. I'm amazed by the relationships horses choose to have or not ... with each other and with humans. They are bright intelligent and loving animals and I have found that the people who ride are truly extraordinary in their own way.
Tony's book captures the beauty that would have been lost if these horses were not rescued. I'm always pleased to hear that people care enough to become involved with these beautiful animals and often work in the rescue of unwanted, abused or neglected horses. I know quite a few who are passionate about rescuing and I'm proud to know them. One of the organizations that does great work is Habitat for Horses. They are a non-profit working with law enforcement in rescue cases and serve as a awareness center but their story is for another day.
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