Sweetgrass Baskets by Charmayne

Check out my good friend Charmayne's beautiful sweetgrass baskets. She hand makes each basket in the beautiful lowcountry of South Carolina. Wonderful for your home and as gifts. There is so much wonderful history in the story of the sweetgrass baskets, that you won't be able to resist!

Visit her site at Sweetgrass Baskets by Charmayne

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Guest Post by Pearce Corbin -- DIYHoliday Decor

The holidays are here and interior designer in-the-making, Pearce Corbin has a few ideas for do-it-yourself Holiday Decor that you can make with your family. ENJOY and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
Pearce Corbin is an interior designer in-the-making and a freelance writer for MyProjectorLamps.Com. He’s a lover of vintage furniture and has a special affinity for spooky couches. In this guest post he shares DIY holiday decorations you can make with your kids!
5 DIY Holiday Decorations

With holidays fast approaching, the desire to decorate for this festive occasion begins. Not
all decorations need to be bought and in fact, many beautiful decorations are simple and
inexpensive to make. Even better, many of these do-it-yourself projects can involve the kids
so they can be taught the holiday spirit as the whole family prepares the decorations. Here
are ideas for five easy holiday decoration projects to complete at home.

1. Garland Trees.
Garland trees with the colorful, bright tones of holiday tinsel are easy to make using
a variety of garlands and Styrofoam cones. Depending on the weight of the tinsel, the
garland might have to be glued to the cone with a hot glue gun. Some garlands are so light,
however, that they can be attached to the cone with pins. Each member of the family can
have a different-sized, different-colored cone to decorate and put around the house.

2. Holiday Wreath.
Yarn-wrapped wreaths continue to be popular and they are incredibly easy to make. You
need to have a metal wreath base in the size you want and then enough yarn in a festive
holiday color to wrap around and completely cover the metal frame, at least two times
around so that no part of the metal shows through. You can add a bow or other holiday
item at the end and you have a wreath. The kids can help you wrap the yarn, since this will
be the most time-consuming part of the project. They can even help choose the additional
decorations to finish the wreath. Other materials can also be used to wrap the base and you
can let the kids choose and experiment with different materials and designs. If the base is
not wrapped, hot glue will be needed to attach the other materials.

3. Table-top Candle Decorations.
Choose your favorite tea light scents and place them in a long dish surrounded by painted
beans or seeds to match the colors you have chosen for your holiday d├ęcor. This is
an instant holiday decoration that can add to the ambiance of your room quickly and

4. Branch Centerpieces
Collect simple, large bare branches from the backyard or a hiking trip and then use them
to create a beautiful arrangement in a clear, glass vase. To add to the holiday spirit,
hang tiny “holiday accessories” from the branches. These accessories can be small pieces
such as seeds, painted in holiday colors, tiny wooden ornaments or even very small glass

5. Garlands
Garlands are also easy to make and the possibilities are endless. A star garland involves
cutting out stars from holiday colored poster paper and then threading it through at equal
intervals. The kids can each draw their own set of stars and cut them out. The stars can all
be the same color or you can mix and match and then hang the garland around the house.
Similarly, a snowball garland can be just as easily created, using small Styrofoam balls
and needle and thread. After these tiny balls are threaded through at equal intervals, the
snowball garland is ready to be used in the tree or hanging as decoration.

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My Top Five {Authors, Blogs, Singers and more}

Happy Thanksgiving all!!

My top likes {{as of today since this list changes more often than you'd think}}

My Top Five Seven Authors (in no particular order) ---
  1. Karen White
  2. Dorothea Benton Frank
  3. Amy Hale Auker
  4. Rudolfo Anaya
  5. Sunday Larson
  6. Laura Childs
  7. Joseph B. Fussell
My Top Five Singers (in no particular order) ---
  1. George Strait
  2. Adrian Brannan (Buckaroogirl)
  3. Brenn Hill
  4. Reba
  5. Sade
My Top Five Seven US Cities (in no particular order) ---
BTW I prefer small towns! Once lived in a village with a population of 11 and was quite happy!
  1. Charleston / Mount Pleasant, SC
  2. Albuquerque, NM (and most all those cities and town south of there)
  3. Dallas, TX
  4. New York, NY (well, that's where the family reside)
  5. San Juan Capistrano, CA (most all of SoCal)
  6. West Palm Beach, FL
  7. Breaux Bridge, LA (fine people living there)
My top Five Nine Blogs (in no particular order and there are so many more that I love)-- 
  1. Deep South Magazine
  2. Charleston Grit
  3. Frugally Sustainable
  4. The Gracious Girl
  5. Dirt and Martinis
  6. The South Dakota Cowgirl
  7. Guard'n The Planet
  8. Horses & Heels
  9. Fed Well
Places I would like to return to for a holiday (in no particular order) --
  1. Italy
  2. Sweden
  3. Hawaii
  4. Penang
What are your top fives, sixes, threes? ... place you want to go back to ... well you get it, I'm sure!
... What should I consider adding to my lists? ... any thoughts!

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Keep it local!

I have many friends who run small businesses and this is how they support themselves and their families. I try to go out of my way to shop from them. Why? Because they are my community, they are a part of my economy and because I can put a face and a story to the products.
Consider buying the things you need, and want from small local businesses and self-employed people. Do you have a neighbor who sells online, is there a local craftsperson in the area who makes jewelry or clothes? I’ll bet there is a local indie bookstore in your area. Just look around. I’ll bet there are some local Authors who would be thrilled to sign their book for you. What about that friend from high school who runs a small local floral shop and shows up each week at the local farmers market to sell fresh flowers and crafts? What is she doing this fall and winter, making garland or wreaths? Do you know the local farmers and ranchers or the people down at the feed store? They’d be happy to sell to you.
Then there is that friend or friend of a friend who does shop at home parties? Can’t beat shopping and socializing at the same time! How about that bakery guy with the delish cookies, those cookie sales help put clothes on his children’s backs. The lady that owns the hair salon, I’ll bet she’ll be happy to sell a gift certificate you can give as a holiday present. I’ll bet you keep driving by that little clothing store in the strip mall thinking, “I should stop there one day.” Do it now!
You know these people will treat you right because they are your neighbors, your friends, you see them going down the road.
Support real people, put the money into your local economy and watch it thrive.

From orgreenheat.blogspot.com

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In the dark

You have to get up early. 
When the sky is still dark.
Let the world unfold before your eyes, 
watch the break of day come over the mountain, 
follow the rays of sunshine that spray over the foothills. 
Listen to the wind, to the sounds of the day ahead. 
You have to get up early. 
  © Maria Norcia Santillanes 

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