Beach Walker Boy's first day on the golf course...

On Wednesday afternoon, Beach Walker Boy and I raced to Patriots Point Golf Links for his first session with the First Tee of Charleston that I posted about a few weeks ago. We were late arriving and it was starting to mist. I asked the first staffer I saw where the children were meeting and he was gracious enough to offer his cart to get to the meeting spot. Not wanting to run the risk of tipping the cart in my hurry, I asked him if he would mind taking the trip down the lane and he did...Beach Walker Boy loves a good golf cart ride. There are quite a few people here who own their own personal golf carts that they use either down by the beach or around the neighborhood. Needless to say, Beach Walker Boy thinks it a good investment...Uhhh, Right!

Well, back to the other afternoon. The mist started to turn to showers...then to a full out rain storm. As I looked out the window of my car where I was comfortably waiting, I saw a parade of golf carts streaming down the lane back to the viewing porch. Out poured a stream of wet tweens. I braved the rain from the car to the covering to show my support as other parents were a bit more on the ball having brought umbrellas...Oh well, I try. After so much time in the desert, I'm still getting used to the idea of a umbrella. A little rain never hurt anyone...unless of course, it comes by way of a hurricane.

Apparently the children did have enough time together with the coaches to go over the rules and and structure of the program. They each received their own score and guide books. Everyone seemed happy...maybe because a kid generally love getting drenched in the rain. We'll be back out there next Wednesday...hopefully with better weather for the children and so I could chill outside as I wait for 'Boy' and watch the harbor boats go by...

Scarlett's Grapes

Blue cheese grapes - Oh my gosh! These are so good...

8 oz cream cheese
1 small tub crumbled blue cheese
1 bunch of grapes
chopped pecans

Mix cream cheese and blue cheese until creamy. Set aside. Wash grapes and remove grapes from stems. Dry each grape and set on a clean dish towel. Place a piece of parchment or wax paper on a baking tray. Using your hands roll each grape in the cream cheese mixture until coated. Then coat the grape in pecan pieces. Place on baking sheet and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Beautiful Border Collies

Official license

I love Border Collies. As a child, I grew up with 'Tippy', our families beautiful Border Collie who lived to the very ripe age of 21 human years. Perhaps that was a record...we never checked. We were just happy to have had Tippy with us for so long. Some of the smartest dogs you'll ever find and loyal to their humans. When my sister and I were quite small, Tippy would 'do his work' by herding us to safety. He was the best babysitter a parent could have as well as a regular sweetheart. For my sister and I, Tippy was our friend and protector as well as our 'electrocutin' doggie'...a term we coined from a game we played with Tippy where we let him chase us around.
If I ever decide to have a dog, it will be a Border Collie...just as beautiful as was Tippy.

Martin's photos

copyright MC 2008

I love these two photographs shot by my dear friends son who is hoping to craft a business from his hobby. I am hoping he will make a good go of it. I think he has an interesting way of capturing the image plus I just love black & white photos.

copyright MC 2008

Messages in the sand

Beach Walker Boy leaving a message in the sand...

Beach Walker Boy tees up!

Tiger Woods, the leading professional golfer and the world's highest paid athlete.

In a week or so Beach Walker Boy will once again hit the golf course for another round of lessons with The First Tee of Greater Charleston. The course at Patriots Point is quite nice and having had experience with the quality of the program at The First Tee from whence we came, he is excited to get started again.