Church Wall Art

Today after church while I was waiting for Beach Walker Boy, I decided to take a walk through the garden behind the church. It's a gorgeous garden with a lovely pond and pretty plantings. Even though it's only the 1st day of February, there was already some beautiful flowers in bloom.
There are places throughout the garden to sit and meditate. The birds were singing, and the squirrels scurrying ('Boy' calls it Man vs. Wild music). It was very pleasant and I spent a bit of time just enjoying the garden. It was outstanding weather today and perfect for a bit of a walk.

As I was heading back to where I would meet up with 'Boy', I found these beautiful pieces of art on the wall near the side entrance. I'd never noticed them before...or perhaps I never slowed down enough while leaving through the side entrance to notice. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of them but I have just a foolish little mini first digital. Shouldn't really blame the camera...I'm not much of a photographer....but I digress. There are actually three pieces but these two were the ones I captured (I thought I had captured all three...Hmmmm!). They are really quite impressive in person. I like that they are broken but really are all part of one scene. I would have preferred they were put on a solid wall as I think the brick background detracts from their beauty but still a nice touch overall for a side wall.

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