The Citadel

Spike is the Citadel Mascot

On Saturday, Beachwalker Boy and I headed into town to visit The Citadel, the prominent southern military academy in Charleston. Founded in 1842, it has a long and rich history. On January 9, 1861, Citadel Cadets manning an artillery battery on Morris Island fired the first hostile shots of the War Against Northern Aggression (Civil War), repulsing the federal steamship Star of the West, carrying supplies and two hundred federal troops dispatched by President Buchanan to reinforce Union Forces garrisoned at Fort Sumter.

We really had a fine time visiting the library which will be undergoing renovation this summer, the museum, the canteen where we had lunch and the great field where we saw cadets drilling, others covered in mud jogging hard and what appeared to be a contest of skills with teams from other southern colleges.
Beachwalker Boy really enjoyed seeing the different 'artifacts' on the field. He would have liked it better if he could have been allowed to climb all over them...but there are rules.
It was really a fun time!

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