The Ocean Project...What an inspiring theme...

The Ocean Project
I've just learned about The Ocean Project, an organization seeking to educate and create awareness about the failing health of our oceans and create strength around needed conservation practices. I was inspired to learn more and join the group... I have much to learn. I am revisiting old interests in our beautiful oceans that sustain us each day. Of course living so close to the coast has made me very aware of how important it is to do what we can to insure the health of our oceans and the life within. There are many in the Charleston area that work to insure healthy habitat for sea turtles and other ocean life, care for the dunes and insure clean and safe beaches. I've also just learned that June 8th is the official World Oceans Day reminding us about our connectedness to the oceans whether we are close to the coast or deep inland. The oceans are no longer as healthy as they should be. Coral reefs are dying, rising sea level is threatening coastal communities and especially low lying islands such as North Carolina's Outer Banks. I encourage you to learn about the Ocean Project and make a pledge to protect our oceans.

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  1. Such an important project. Thanks for sharing.


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