Writing...a labor of love

split infinitive -- an infinitive verb form with an element,
usually an adverb, interposed between to and a verb form as in to boldly go.

Yesterday I had to prepare a writing sample for a potential contract. I've only had to do so one other time and I don't find it to be an enjoyable exercise. I prefer writing for fun and my own enjoyment. Writing to be judged how I would handle a specific situation is another story because one does not know if they are interested in your execution of the situation or your style of writing. I did my best to address both. This particular exercise had me writing conversation scripts between an upset employee and a manager...Oh my!!! The difficulty for me is not in creating the conversation but in essentially guessing which conversation they are expecting.
It is hard to write knowing you'll be judged by someone for something. One just has to look at the comments left on blogs and websites to see how people can be quite heartless in their judgements. It is one of the reason, I enjoy reading blogs and websites for content and ideas, not to note if the writer has used a split infinitive.
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