When the universe speaks …

The earthquake in Japan and in other areas of the Pacific Rim is heartbreaking. The footage taken by people with the presence of mind to do so is hard to watch and the potential danger surrounding the nuclear reactor at Fukushima that is damaged because of the 8.9 earthquake is frightening. I recently read that this full moon on March 19, the Full Crow Moon, is the moon that will come very close to the earth in it’s arrival and that often in the past, when this closeness has occurred, many a natural event has taken place shortly before and after. It reminds us that we are connected to everything and really, what does money, possessions, wall street or any other commercial thing really matter, especially war. It reminds me of the only things that matter, the people in my life … my child, my family, my friends, my neighbors, my workmates. What’s important is the natural world, our spiritual selves and the beauty and happiness we get from being a part of it.

It seems the universe is trying to literally rock us back to consciousness … prayers of healing for all beings, especially those in the hardest hit areas and let’s never forget our animal friends who will also suffer.

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