The year is slowly passing away … to say the least 2011 was an unsettling year for many of us. Yet, the essence of unsettled experiences is what brings us to some of the most rewarding conclusions, to the roads that are meant to be crooked. I’m standing at the beginning of a crooked road, longing for 2012 to get started, anxious to just follow the dots, shed the burdens of the past, lift up into timeless wonder. My bones tell me it’s the right way to go.
Tomorrow, I will burn sage to release all that has been in 2011 and  whisper prayers for courage, for love and support, for energy and guiding light in the coming year
We are all moving into change. Embrace it and move deep into your heart … peace and love, my friend!
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  1. And a serene and prosperous New Year to you. H and D


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