Keep it local!

I have many friends who run small businesses and this is how they support themselves and their families. I try to go out of my way to shop from them. Why? Because they are my community, they are a part of my economy and because I can put a face and a story to the products.
Consider buying the things you need, and want from small local businesses and self-employed people. Do you have a neighbor who sells online, is there a local craftsperson in the area who makes jewelry or clothes? I’ll bet there is a local indie bookstore in your area. Just look around. I’ll bet there are some local Authors who would be thrilled to sign their book for you. What about that friend from high school who runs a small local floral shop and shows up each week at the local farmers market to sell fresh flowers and crafts? What is she doing this fall and winter, making garland or wreaths? Do you know the local farmers and ranchers or the people down at the feed store? They’d be happy to sell to you.
Then there is that friend or friend of a friend who does shop at home parties? Can’t beat shopping and socializing at the same time! How about that bakery guy with the delish cookies, those cookie sales help put clothes on his children’s backs. The lady that owns the hair salon, I’ll bet she’ll be happy to sell a gift certificate you can give as a holiday present. I’ll bet you keep driving by that little clothing store in the strip mall thinking, “I should stop there one day.” Do it now!
You know these people will treat you right because they are your neighbors, your friends, you see them going down the road.
Support real people, put the money into your local economy and watch it thrive.


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  1. I couldn't agree more! I'm trying to shop with everyone who I have worked with on my blog this past year (everyone will be impossible) but I'm using as many of them as I can!


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