A new food blog on the block!

So tonight my niece wrote her first blog post. She is creating the blog as a part of the web analytics class for school. So interesting what kids are learning in school. When I was in college, back in the Dino age when we chiseled our work into stone, we didn't have that type of technology. The fanciest we ever got in college was to create a make believe business and try to make it profitable competing against other teams in the class.

Anyway, my niece's blog is New York Girl in a Florida Food World ... I love the name!

Driving friends to her blog will help her to get the 'numbers' that she will have to analyze for her class, so please drop by and comment on her post(s), share it with your friends. Let her know I sent you.

Maybe she'll like it and keep it going long after she has gotten a good grade ... I hope so!

There's a new food blog on the block my friends!!

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