"How do people do it?" A short rant!

So my question is "How do people do it?"

I just finished reading about a woman who after having a girl’s night came up with questions about sustainability in a world marked by consumerism. Much too serious a thought for girl’s night out but that’s not my point. My point is ... she up and founded an organization. Well, what else would you do after you've had a girls night, a few glasses of wine, an epiphany ... you found an organization. Well, of course! Don't we all have the time, and most importantly the money to be able to do these things? Hence my question "How do people do it?"

Is it because they have a multi-income family, a spouse or partner to prop them up? You know ... other people who have a stake in their game.

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I'm at a loss wondering just "How do people do it?" Many of us have a ton of ideas worth salt but don't know how to do them because our entire world is consumed with being the breadwinner, a parent alone, the chief cook and bottle washer. We don't have anyone to pay the bills or even to contribute to paying them. We don't have anyone else who has enough of a stake in our livelihood who could help with decisions. So we feel stuck!

Of course, when you read these incredible stories of woman up and creating a fun, happy business, they don't tell you if they are independently wealthy, come from a long line of money, have a rich spouse or partner, or a helper with as much to lose. The story just leads you to believe they are perfect and can just accomplish anything on their own. Huh!!

It's depressing to read about these women.

Is it just me?

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