Unintended Lies by Linda Kendall McLendon -- A review

 I just finished reading Unintended Lies by Linda Kendall McLendon, a women I met by serendipity through a Facebook friend who told me about her book signing. I’ll tell you more about the book signing in a bit but first I want to talk about her book, the first in a series about Catherine DeLong. 

Catherine is a sensitive soul longing to put the sorrows of the past behind her and start a new life on a farm in Florida. The only problem is she keeps  being jolted by life events from the loss of her dearest Uncle and finding out about her Native American roots to finding out her husband’s death may not have been an accident to  learning she may have a half-sister. Through it all, she learns more and more about herself and although she may appear to be forlorn and weak, she is really quite the strong woman and very capable of taking the bull by the horns when she must.  
The story grabs you from the very beginning and keeps you interested in finding out what will happen next. The author is quite good at building a scene and providing the detail to be able to see the story unfold on a movie screen. There is just enough mystery to keep you looking for a next clue, just enough romance to make you want more and just the right amount of creative description to keep you turning pages in this book where the Author easily weaves betrayal and conflict for a fine story.

I’m looking forward to her next book Accidental Lives which I plan to start reading tonight to find out how the story plays out.

The Book Signing --

Now I promised I would tell you a bit about the book signing. The Author, Linda, greeted me with a great big hug that told me so much, especially that I liked a person who was willing to hug a stranger. I met a number of very pleasant people who had many interesting things to talk about. The Author's friend decided to buy both books for me and only asked me to write a review in return. That is not something that   happens every day but it warmed my heart and like the Author, this friend of hers was willing to “hug a stranger.”

 Enjoy this video of the author talking about her book and about her Foundation Full Circle Therapeutic Riding where she "provides therapeutic riding sessions weekly or every other week to persons who are differently-abled." 

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