I've taken the message below direct from a post on Facebook but I am very sure the good people at LEARN will not mind. I'm not a horse owner but I know plenty of friends who are and I find horses to be majestic in their own right. There is no reason why the horses need to be rounded up so that the govt could use the land for their will. Do we really need another fracking site or another mining operation. Not that I am against those things, they produce jobs but we have enough. Let's not let greed wipe out these beautiful horses.

"This Wyoming roan stallion, Gladiator, represents the 800+ Wyoming wild horses the BLM will roundup beginning Monday, Sept. 15. Who is going to be there to observe? TCF will be there for sure. If you can't go, you can still make a difference with Secretary Jewell and the Dept. of Int.: ‪#‎justice4mustangs‬.
1. Post your outraged but civil and respectful comments on Dept. of Interior's Facebook page,https://www.facebook.com/USInterior, stating your stance on the removal of Wyoming checkerboard horses.
2. Share this on your Facebook page and with all your friends.
3. Be sure to join the conversation with
#justice4mustangs on your postings.
4. Call Secretary Jewell's office: 202-208-7351.
4. Tweet to @SecretaryJewell @Interior: Public lands 4 all Americans: Stop WY wild horse wipeout. #justice4mustangs.
5. Email Sec. Jewell at the Dept. of Interior: exsec@ios.doi.gov 
6. Write your US Senators and Representatives.
#justice4mustangs "

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