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Change is good!

During my recent visit to Breaux Bridge to visit my good friend and biggest cheerleader for my short stories, I decided to do some wiggling with the focus of the blog. With the goal of highlighting my stories (tales) and my interest in western lifestyle we did a bit of brainstorming. Over several sips of Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey on ice one evening, we came up with a pretty decent list of new names for the blog and the name Whiskey Tales came up and it immediately spoke to me and it continued to speak to me. Not wanting to lose the existing name and URL, I’ve decided to try it out as an extension of Beach Walking in the Desert.

Of course this means I'll have to step up my story writing and get some more tales ready to post 

Have a look at the blog banner for the headline and description to see Whiskey Tales by Beach Walking in the Desert let me know what you think; your opinion is important.

By the way ... that Bulleit Bourbon was pretty darn good!! 

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  1. I like the header, it compliments the title. Good start. Hat


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