Deathmark by Jann Arrington-Wolcott ... a metaphysical story of enduring love

I finished reading Deathmark by Jann Arrington-Wolcott with a satisfied heart and that is just how I like to close a book. I came across this read by browsing the 2015 catalog of Women Writing the West, an association of writers and other professionals who write about and promote the West.

A metaphysical mystery, Deathmark hits the mark with a nicely developed main character with whom many women can easily identify or at least understand, and an interesting supporting character who adds a bit of sizzle and mystery. The author captures the personalities of cliché characters such as the Santa Fe shaman and the outrageous romance writer quite well and it’s apparent she is informed about the Santa Fe lifestyle which for readers familiar with the setting adds an opportunity for attentiveness. The characters play out the mystery so nicely I didn’t bother to try to guess the ending, I just went with it.
A story about loves endurance across time, the past life theme holds the readers interest  and the author knits the scenes together quite well making the dual stories easy to follow and making the authors/publishers choice to use different fonts unnecessary but acceptable.

I found myself staying up late to read this story interested in what would happen next. It’s a quick and easy read, completely enjoyable and satisfying, I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the metaphysical especially an interest in past lives. 
Jann Arrington-Wolcott
Jann Arrington-Wolcott is also the author of Brujo which was made into a cable television movie featuring Suzanne Summers. You can learn more about Jann and read Chapter 1 of Deathmark by linking to her websiteHer books can be purchased at all the usual places including B&N and Amazon but if you are so inclined I would suggest you support a local independent bookstore such as Bookwork’s in Albuquerque, The Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe or one in your neighborhood. 

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