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Darcy’s Grave Heritage
by Blanche Day Manos

My cozy mysteries might be called “homespun.” They are not set in metropolitan areas (except for brief visits.) They take place in small town, Levi, Oklahoma and they showcase two unassuming women, Darcy Campbell and her mother, Flora Tucker.

After the death of her husband, Darcy returns to her hometown for peace, quiet, and healing. The healing happens slowly, but the peace and quiet are hard to come by. Fans of Darcy Campbell and Flora Tucker have followed them through three mysteries: The Cemetery Club, Grave Shift, and Best Left Buried. 

The fourth Darcy and Flora cozy, Grave Heritage, will be released by 
September 19.

In Grave Heritage, Levi experiences the rainiest July in history. Did the excessive rainfall have to do with dampening Darcy’s feelings for Grant? I would never accuse Darcy of being fickle, but a handsome preacher sweeps her off her feet. Both Darcy and Flora nearly lose their lives at the hands of a killer. As if this were not enough, some bewildering news about Flora’s birth father comes to light, which leads her to lament that Darcy’s heritage is not the shining one she would have wished, and is, at best, a grave one.

Writing mysteries is fun for me. If not, I wouldn’t write them. I like developing characters, making them come to life on the pages of a book, getting them into some sticky situations and watching them get themselves out. I mean this literally because my characters seem to come to life and pretty much take over. I simply record what they say and do.

I feel as if Darcy and Flora are my friends. We have become pretty well acquainted over the course of these four books. As I finish writing each mystery, I know it is my favorite. And, guess what? I really like Grave Heritage best of all.
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Thank you, Blanche, for allowing us into your world of writing mysteries. I know I have enjoyed having Blanche guest write a series of posts, I hope you did too.  

Blanche can be found on Facebook and on Twitter as well as at her website where she writes for her own blog.

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