Beautiful Border Collies

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I love Border Collies. As a child, I grew up with 'Tippy', our families beautiful Border Collie who lived to the very ripe age of 21 human years. Perhaps that was a record...we never checked. We were just happy to have had Tippy with us for so long. Some of the smartest dogs you'll ever find and loyal to their humans. When my sister and I were quite small, Tippy would 'do his work' by herding us to safety. He was the best babysitter a parent could have as well as a regular sweetheart. For my sister and I, Tippy was our friend and protector as well as our 'electrocutin' doggie'...a term we coined from a game we played with Tippy where we let him chase us around.
If I ever decide to have a dog, it will be a Border Collie...just as beautiful as was Tippy.

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