Amy Hale Auker ... a hard working writer

"Amy Hale Auker's short story "Quatro in the Late Afternoon" appears in Rough Country, an anthology of western stories." 


"Amy Hale Auker also has two poems, "Lightening Up" and "See You at the Barn"  in the National Cowboy AnthologyCelebrating 30 Years of Wrangling Words."

Since I first started reading Amy Hale Auker's work, I have come to realize just how hard working a writer she is, always at the page. Essays in magazine, poetry and short stories, a lovely mixture of fine work. 

I've written of her work several times as I've done for other authors whose work I enjoy and I do enjoy her style of writing. Have a look at her website and read some of her work, I think you'll enjoy.

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