Please don't add the sugar!

I read the labels when I'm at the market and I just can't believe how many food products have added sugar unnecessarily.

So, I've embarked on a no added sugar adventure. If the food has added sugar, I just won't purchase it. If the food naturally has sugar such as fruit does, then that is fine and I can have it.

I've already eliminated soda pop and sugary drinks as well as most junk foods and I purchase organic exclusively when found. My teen son is also traveling this road for the promise of a clean complexion and good natural health so I'll have a partner to help me toe the line.

We know this will be hard so we've planned for one cheat day per month, the 15th.
Wish us luck!
This is the only sugar in my home at present. Read about organic coconut sugar.
Coconut Sugar may be slightly healthier than common sugar cane but it is still sugar and my plan is to not add sugar to anything. Looks like this can only be used for our cheat day.


  1. Good plan. It will make a difference. H

    1. Thanks H ... have you tried a similar plan? ~M

  2. Wow, that's going to be tough, well worth it, but tough! Best of luck and enjoy those cheat days :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Sara. The toughest part might be finding foods at the market that don't have added sugar. Did you know that conventionally processed bread has added sugar? Why would they do that!!??!! Our food system has truly been compromised over the years. ~M


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