Watch for the release of a new book by Amy Hale Auker, author of Winter of Beauty and Rightful Place

It’s always a delight to learn that a favorite author will be releasing a new book soon and I'm looking forward to getting a copy. That author is Amy Hale Auker and I've written about her other books in the past right here.
I stopped by her website when I learned about the new release. Seems it’s about an old cowboy, old letters, loves, losses and a crime. Sounds like a winner.
This author has a knack for bringing together a melody of words.
The book will be released by Pen-L Publishing this fall and Steve Atkinson who I am not familiar with has done the cover and I must admit it's quite appealing. According to Ms Auker's Facebook page, Steven Atkinson is a "photographer, designer, and western artist extraordinaire. (And a pretty cool friend, too.)"

The author will be taking advance orders starting October 1, 2014. Stop by her website to learn more.
Photo: When I signed a new contract with Pen-L Publishing, I promised myself that I would keep the rumble of publicity quiet until I had cover art. Tomorrow, on my website, I will post a blog, and add the link here, about this gorgeous cover, painted and designed by Steve Atkinson. The wonderful news is that this book, a novel very dear to my heart, is set to be released this fall. I will take advance orders starting October 1. Until then, share away, and make sure and compliment Steve on a JOB WELL DONE.

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