Beach Walker Boy learns a lesson!

This summer Beach Walker Boy has been volunteering at the local library. He is a newly minted "Book Buddy" and spends one hour a week reading to younger children.
The first week he read, he was matched with a very quiet, well behaved 5 year old and he read three books chosen by the child. The second week, he hoped to read to the same child but it wasn't to be and he was matched with another child who was most likely around 6 years old. This child was not quiet or well behaved. At one point, I looked up from my comfy chair where I was enjoying my own book, to see Beach Walker Boy in a slow trot after a child running up and down the aisles laughing. I just shook my head and hoped his own sense of what is right would surface. Apparently, he was able to corral the child without incident and settle down to read. Good experience for him, he went with the flow and I was happy to see he handled himself with authority. The community service points he'll earn will be earned in the trenches and that's a lesson he won't learn from playing PS3's Call of Duty. Did my heart good to see!

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