'Free Range Children' ?

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I came across this great article on Planet Green about letting your kids set their own agenda. How unique in today's activity obsessed world. I even love the title - We Need More 'Free Range Children' - Planet Green. I like to think of Beach Walker Boy as 'free range'. I also like to package him as 'home grown', 'cage free', 'carbon neutral' and of course 'organic' and most of that is true ... well, not the carbon neutral part ... but tween boys have their ways and he's still learning.
Yes, Free Range Children! I'm all for it.
Did you know there is a 'Slow Movement' getting started? I guess it's sort of like the 'SlowFoods' movement which I highly recommend. It's mentioned in the Planet Green article by Matt McDermott. I like this concept. Fits well with what my mind tells me is right. I think 'Boy' would support the idea, after all he has championed some incredibly slow events such as cleaning his room. I think I'm going to join the slow movement today. Perhaps, I'll run for President of my local chapter ... slowly, of course.
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