Do you or your children volunteer?

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Children volunteering! Do your children volunteer? How did you get them started, how much is enough and what are they doing or do you think volunteering is for adults? How's that for a few questions right up front!

Yesterday, Beach Walker Boy and I were talking about things a kid can do to volunteer in the community. If you read this blog, then you know that 'Boy' has a volunteer gig this summer at the library as a Book Buddy. Not that I think he should pick up another volunteer activity this summer. One is enough for a tween. I do want him to enjoy his summer, let him be 'free range' but there I was with my inquiring mind trying to see what he thinks and make sure his brain didn't really slip out his ear when he turned twelve. If you have a tween boy, you know what I'm talking about. Much to my amazement, he did have some ideas. He thought joining a clean up campaign was was a good thing for the community. Serving food at the homeless shelter was another thought. Since I was a 'candy striper' (do they use that term anymore) when I was twelve, I suggested visiting the elderly. Of course, my suggestion had some personal cause attached to it. "Don't forget me when I'm old, 'Boy'." He liked that idea. Yay!! He also thought volunteering at an animal shelter was a good idea. Somehow, I don't think he realized how hard emotionally it would be to work at an animal shelter. That will be a conversation for another day.
Well, I felt good ... maybe he was a thinking 'Boy' after all. Ahhh! Slept well last night!
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  1. I love this's my favorite kind of post....Blogging about good kids doing good things (even if they would really rather be at the pool) is even better!!! It's taking a break from the latest of interiors or shopping or gardening, to bring their good deeds into the spotlight! When they volunteer, they feel good about themselves. Being praised on mom's blog is the icing on top! Well, maybe.
    My friend Diane Gottsch used to live in Albuquerque! NM is so beautiful, lucky you!


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