Luck be mine !!

I just learned that the poem I wrote for Poppy Swap’s give away was a winner and soon I will be the recipient of a ‘velvety Lotion Bar made with Organic Cocoa Butter, Dark Unsweetened Chocolate, raw unrefined Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive oil, and Candelilla wax and it will be hand crafted by Aquarian Bath.’ I am very excited … and it will be heart shaped!!!
How beautiful!
Please visit Poppy Swap, I think you will love it!

“”Poppy Swap is an online market place of herbalists, wildcrafters, gardeners, farmers and sustainable wholesalers. Poppy Swap introduces people, plants, and products. (The) founder Kiki, is on a mission to ignite these relationships, foster herbal enthusiasm and  to "bring people herbs."
(The Poppy Swap) site promotes sustainable commerce that supports artistic value.Poppy Swap is developing community that cares about the planet. The Poppy Swap forum is a resource for personal and environmental education and a great meeting place for people to connect about herbs, spirit and sustainable living.
Poppy Swap will only list products that are made out of natural ingredients or that have been produced in a sustainable, holistic manner. (They) do not promote or support the trading of intoxicants or illegal substances.””
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