Rabbit Rebirth

The Chinese New Year is upon us … the year 4708. The party started today on the New Moon and will rest on the 18th, the full moon. It all seems so auspicious … feels like good luck is in swirling through the air for all new ventures. Feels like  there will be a rest from the heady intrigue of last years Tiger.
When Rabbit show up it’s time for a rebirth.
Some say Rabbit symbolizes fears because they tend to be nervous little creatures. Fears that hold us back from treasured archetypes, from the strong creations we are meant to be, it’s a time to cast fears away and allow wild growth.
This theme of new, change, shift is following me around and I’m just sitting with it, opening my heart to it. It showed itself this afternoon in my meeting. As I interviewed I felt the conversation in an inspired way rather than the usual ‘business is business’ way. I’m seeing my work in a new light, a deeply creative light, I’m understanding it differently and the exploration is wonderful.
It’s good medicine …
rabbit hiding
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