Love Poem to the Planet

Kiki of Poppy Swap, a wonderful new online marketplace for herbal products has just announced a ‘give away’ and has asked for  people to write a love poem to the planet. Well, as I work on stretching my vision through writing, I decided to step out, looking both ways of course, and post a love poem to the earth. The toughest part of doing this was not really the writing of four lines but it was grabbing my heart and posting it on Poppy Swap’s Facebook page where many people will see it and <<cringe>> they may not be as loving as my dear blog friends. I guess this will be a huge learning for me in many ways, getting an opportunity for an objective review through the reaction. It would also be pretty fun to win too!
Sing me a song of the earth, a song of life
Sing for the mother, We suckle at her breast
Give back to the mother, She offers us her bounty
Sing me a song, a song of life

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  1. Beautiful! The perfect love poem to a very deserving recipient.
    Mucho respect!


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