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Not long ago I posted about tiny houses. I am indeed enamored of them. This morning my friend “J” sent my heart aflutter by sharing a design for a garden shed which I will stretch to say can be made into a tiny house or added onto a tiny house to make a medium house (see there I go).

This could be the tiny house of my dreams.



My friend “J” has a bead on how to make my brain buzz with ideas. Between yesterday and today, I must have had a zillion (well, maybe just 10 or 15) tabs open on my computer all related to something “J” posted on Facebook. From Farm to Market to Permaculture to Biodynamic French Intensive Gardening, “J” keeps it interesting. Then, of course, there is the whirl of ‘everything is interesting’ that sucks me in every time.

Tell me though, is this not the most enchanting design?

Helsinki architect Ville Hara and designer Linda Bergroth of Hel Yes! have produced this delight …



Dreams could only be perfect while sleeping in this tiny room. Sunrise and sunset, each a glorious moment. Even the pattering of rain would inspire.

Now picture the lovely tiny house I posted about last week …..

Tiny House

connected to  this incredible garden shed turned bedroom …


with plenty of containers to grow good, clean food …

                                                                                                      images (1)                                                                                 images (2)

situated along this  beautiful strip of land beside the Rio Grande …


Can you picture it?

When you think about it, do any of us really need so much? Isn’t just a tiny place okay? I think so, all according to need. But having just what is needed does not mean it doesn’t have to be beautiful or be in a beautiful place. Of course, according to ones own aesthetic. It’s the beauty that is soaked up and which satisfies all the wants. Just like a fine meal satisfies your hunger.

See it with me! It’s a good daydream and well, anything can be possible you know …

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