[some] Alluring thoughts

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  • Rose colored mountains on a summer evening
  • A certain young man who flows like a long cool drink of water
  • The changing colors of adobe walls at dusk
  • A rising sun over shinning waters
  • Sea foam and seashells on glistening sand
  • Hot coffee, a warm blanket, a rocking chair, a porch with a view
  • A seagull’s song on a deserted beach
  • Wild horses in the sun
  • The sound spurs make on a slow walk
  • Friends who care and remember, who hold out their arms to catch your heart each time
  • The crow who calls out in the early morning and reminds us what can be done in the quiet of the early day
  • Worn leather
  • Fluffy tailed bunnies
  • The feel of a hot tub on a snowy night under the stars, in the mountains
  • A new book, a cozy chair, a rainy day
  • The smell of green chile roasting
  • The yip of Coyote in the dark, instinct awakened
  • The smell of cut grass, the feel under your bare feet
  • Facing the wind …
  • A Taos Sunset
  • Sunlight streaming in the doorway on a late summer afternoon
  • Puppy hugs
  • Icy cold lemonade in frosty glasses on a scorching day
  • Baby toes and baby nose
  • Free range animals
  • Herbs drying from ceiling rafters, dust angels floating in the stream of sun filtering through old wavy glass panes
  • Red checked blankets, straw baskets filled with fresh food, laughing children and sweet afternoon naps under the sun
  • The smell of rain in the desert
  • Fresh vegetables blooming in a beautiful container garden
  • The squeak of a wood floor at 2AM
  • Hay rolling off the back of old ranch trucks, cattle lining up like school children
  • Fine bone china, elegant silverware, linen tablecloths, crystal glasses, dim light, soft laughter, demure smiles, shared glances
  • Fresh Lavender scented sheets
  • The view from high on Hermits Peak
  • The scent of pluff mud
  • The smell of cedar trees on a cold sunny morning deep in the forest
  • Purring kitties
  • The smell of piƱon wood burning in the wood stove
  • The sound of children splashing in the pool
  • Apple picking on a cool morning
  • Cottonwood fluff falling from the trees
  • Pimento cheese sandwiches at the beach
  • Spirit ceremonies
  • Heat rising from loam on a hot afternoon
  • Full moon halo shining on the canyon
  • Margarita’s on the porch, friends sharing good times
  • Hot air balloons floating
  • Dusty roads
  • The singular sound of a gas powered saw on the mountain
  • Sandy feet on weatherworn floors, the sound of crashing waves in the salty air
  • The feel of a horses muzzle
  • The smell of burning sage
  • A wooden pier over the marsh
  • Ambrosia salad
  • Sheets drying in the sun
  • A colorful herb garden
  • Houses lit up in the dark night
  • The movement of the boat in calm water
  • Land as far as the eye can see
  • Sheep herding in Navajo land
  • Happy dreams, sweet sleep

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  1. Le sigh. I love this so much!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog amiga! It's always good to hear from you. The Lowrider video is up and running now. Thanks for letting me know about the error. Cheers!


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