I want a tiny house!

I am just in love with these teeny, tiny homes. I have dreams of an uncluttered, Zen like room with just the bare necessities. Of course, then I start thinking about the bare necessities and well; I get a bit off track. I have, over the years, pared down considerably due to my penchant for cris crossing the country like the wandering gypsy I tend to be.
I wonder if any of my dear friends would tolerate a tiny home in their backyard for me and my boy. Of course, I’d have to pay rent for use of their land and tap into water and sewer. It would have to be a friend with considerable land and a wellspring of tolerance and good nature…hmmm!
I don’t know if that is a realistic thought but it certainly is a fun one.Tiny House
I wonder though, would I start to expand and slowly grow out of my tiny home? I do have a tendency to collect books. I have gotten better about that since I now own a Kindle but I'm not completely cured of book collecting…especially if I can get an authors signature. Can’t do that with a Kindle. I might end up over running the tiny home with plants. That’s very possible.
My boy probably wouldn’t fit after awhile. After all, he is already adult size as a young teen. Plus, he has a ton of stuff. Kids always have a ton of stuff and they are always looking to have more stuff. I think wanting to get rid of your stuff is something people my age want to do. People my age don’t want to have to clean big houses or even pay to have someone else clean a big house. Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to the tiny house. I could spend the bulk of my time reading, playing with plants and concocting various adult beverages.
Speaking of adult beverages, I could still entertain … just outside ... when the weather is fine. I could plant a nice edible container garden and have a nice intimate seating area. So much to consider.
My friend “L” is seriously considering buying three tiny houses for her three boys. She wants to put tiny homes on her land in the upstate of SC. She figures at least she’ll always be able to provide housing for her kids and they’ll always have a place to go back to ... that isn’t her house.
Clever! ...
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  1. L is a wise woman. Stuff is always the problem. BB,LA is calling your name. An agreement can be reached. H


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