New Year goals and non-goals …

I’ve been reading quite a few blogs about what I’ve always called “New Years Resolutions.” Apparently, they are now called goals or non-goals, where goals are new actions to take and non-goals are what you already do well with a positive affirmation to keep doing it. I like that. It’s a new twist and seems to be healthier in nature.
I am really fascinated by the things people are listing as goals  and non-goals. They are much more encompassing, much more worldly, selfless and so much more compassionate. I’ve have not seen one goal to lose weight. Seems lose weight has transformed into ‘Eat like you matter.’ Found that one on the FearLess Blog.
I’m intrigued by this one … “To stop working for myself and start working for the world.” That’s pretty heady stuff.
I read this one on Karen Walrond’s blog CHOOKOOLOONKS, “ Keep telling Marcus and Alex how awesome they are.  Because sweet mother of Gumby, they are, and they deserve to know it.” What a perfect Mom non-goal!
But the thing is … I think there is a shift. Maybe it’s the shift the elders have been talking about that is due to occur in this very year, 2012. I keep seeing it, in writing, all over the place. people being selfless, concerned about the world and the next guy … it’s wonderful!
Maybe it is a release of ego for many people; like in The Shift, the Wayne Dyer movie that said so much about exploring your purpose.
I haven’t really put much effort into resolutions … ever. Never gave a thought to it. Perhaps this is the month and the year to do so. I can think of one non-goal and goal for me right now:
“You have always encouraged people to do their best. Well, keep doing it and while doing it, remember to encourage yourself.”
What are your goals for 2012?
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