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I woke this morning to a very sweet message from Tiffany Little, owner of the Shhhhh! Just between u & me blog who had this to say:

“I love love love this!!! I am definitely going to share this post and your blog with my followers!! My goal this year is to showcase other bloggers and their posts that I like with my followers. It is scheduled to go live tomorrow 1/6/12 at 11AM EST at http://shhhhhjustbetweenume.blogspot.com I have included links to your page and your blog button. I hope it brings an increase in your readers and followers.”

It’s such a warm feeling to know others appreciate your work. Thank you again Tiffany!!!

If you get a moment, stop by her page and enter her coffee giveaway at http://shhhhhjustbetweenume.blogspot.com/2012/01/tylers-coffee-giveaway-ends-114.html You could win Tyler’s coffee!!

…and coffee is always a treat!!!


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