Follow your heart!!!

This morning I was pushing papers here and there, making calls, checking calendar dates, just getting exhausted planning my move cross country. I decided it was time to take a break and check out some online shopping at one of my favorite places, Modern Cowgirl.
Lo and behold, a post had just been written, maybe minutes before, by the owner Shana whom I’ve never met but with whom I had an email conversation with when I was bidding to do some work for the organization. Shana wrote about how she built her business and how she came to a place where she understood her loves and with her becoming a new Mom in June, decided to take a jump and realign her business. I love that kind of confidence! It’s always wonderful and so motivating to hear when a women has looked inside and chosen to follow her hearts desire.
Read how she makes it her mission to “Ride her own White Horse” ….

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