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I just read a story in the Albuquerque Journal about cattle wandering around Rio Rancho. Well, knowing Rio Rancho, ‘The City of Vision’ that dates way back to the roaring 1970’s when Amrep reigned supreme, I find this to be pretty funny since Rio Rancho is a mecca for city folk from other bigger cities, namely New York. It’s no longer the arid mesa land that crooked Amrep Reps sold to unsuspecting New Yorkers in the 1970’s but a qualified city boasting the “fastest growing community in New Mexico
Perhaps some of the Cowboys and Cowgirls from Corrales, Los Lunas and surrounding areas will find some extra work, or a bit of practice for their next event, roping and returning the cattle to their rightful owners. 
I wish they would have posted a picture …
Wandering Cattle Trouble For Rio Rancho Homeowners
By Associated Press on Fri, Apr 13, 2012
POSTED AT: 8:40 am
Cattle wandering off the open range are creating problems for residents of some Rio Rancho neighborhoods.
They’re complaining that herds of a dozen or more cows are tearing up their properties.
The suburb just north of Albuquerque is the fastest-growing city in New Mexico.
The cattle come in search of grass and water, and if the properties aren’t fenced, state law says there’s nothing homeowners can do to recover their damages.
KVOA-TV in Albuquerque reports that Rio Rancho Police Sgt. Nicholas Onken keeps a rope in his squad car because police are called to move cows off roadways about twice a week.
The only thing the homeowners can do is fence off their properties. Then they can bill the livestock’s owner for any damages.
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