To drive or not to drive … that is the question!

So that is my question of the day … drive or not drive. Although I have driven across country several times, up and down and all around, I am seriously considering letting the moving company take my vehicle and my boy and I can fly out to New Mexico. I just talked to Miss M who works for the moving company, conveniently owned by my childhood friend and who has moved me several times in the past and has always done an excellent job. I also like that I get a bit of special treatment. Miss M is my friends daughter and such a sweetie. She got the scoop from her father so she knows all about me which makes me feel very comfortable.
It’s not such an easy decision. With the cost of gas, hotels and food, it might be about the same cost as moving the vehicle. Driving would include a stop in Mount Pleasant, SC, then Mandeville LA, on to Breaux Bridge LA, Dallas TX,  Keller TX, a possible stop in Amarillo TX and finally Albuquerque, NM. 
… but it’s not about cost … it’s about the drive and the long days of being on the road. I guess I am getting old, so is my vehicle.

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