Tony Stromberg

For my eyes, some of the most beautiful photography is of horses in a natural settings. Horses conjure images of the old west, of a sense of living free ... joyous movement, a connection to earth and to spirit. Why is that? Is it because of the stories of our youth, those old western movies and story books or is it much deeper. Perhaps a quiet connection we all have to these beings who are so innocent in nature.
Tony Stromberg creates such beautiful photos and his book, "The Forgotten Horses" is precious. It's a document dedicated to the horses unwanted but who were lucky enough to get a second chance.
I am not a rider, I don't own a horse but I am fascinated by these beautiful animals. I could watch them for hours in their own natural settings and in show. I'm impressed by riders and the connections they have with their horse. I'm amazed by the relationships horses choose to have or not ... with each other and with humans. They are bright intelligent and loving animals and I have found that the people who ride are truly extraordinary in their own way.
Tony's book captures the beauty that would have been lost if these horses were not rescued. I'm always pleased to hear that people care enough to become involved with these beautiful animals and often work in the rescue of unwanted, abused or neglected horses. I know quite a few who are passionate about rescuing and I'm proud to know them. One of the organizations that does great work is Habitat for Horses. They are a non-profit working with law enforcement in rescue cases and serve as a awareness center but their story is for another day.
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