A tale to tell …

She traveled far and wide before she ever bloomed
and inhabited many places,
painting each space on her heart.
This was her way, is her way. The folks see her strong and confident …
They see her reserved in all matters.
To those who know her spirit, she is a bohemian,
dancing in the dark of the night …
a contradiction in action.
She can’t be caged,
she bites the bars.
Her way is to look up
and out
to see a wide scape.
She eyes the landscape
as if it were food.
She sends a cry out to those who walk on her path.
She protects her young,
sharing the gifts …
she parts the grass so he can see the way.
Her paws are tough now
after so much time,
but it doesn’t stop her
loping down the path
for the next piece of magic,
with a glimmer in her eye.


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