Wandering through my dreams ….

I love to dream, even when I don’t really understand the meaning of the symbols racing through my subconscious.

crystal-1Sunday night into Monday morning sometime I had a dream of which I can only remember one part. In that part, I notice something in my mouth, it feels like a small piece of glass. I open my mouth to take it out and I find that crystals are growing on my tongue. Large, very large crystals and I start to remove them. They are so large, I must manipulate my mouth, and twist my head slowly to find a way to get them out. I remember clearly just one, the first one to come out, very large, looking like a mountain of sorts, milky white and amber with gold flecks throughout the amber in a strip.

I don’t know what it means and spent the better part of yesterday looking up dream interpretation sites. I even joined a forum and received two answers but they conflicted and so I am left wondering.

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