I’m a winner at a losing game …

Original depiction of fictional anthropomorphi...Image via WikipediaIt’s not always easy to create a place and sometimes finding yourself lost in a bad dream doesn’t help. I’ve never really ever figured out how and why my  innate self  changes when I am in this place. Here in this city so many call grand. I fall into the rabbit hole every time and it’s always dark and dreary, sometimes rather creepy. The reality of it is that I am not surrounded by my values, I’m not surrounded by like minded people. People who share the distinct honor of ‘getting me’. There is a saying that says you should be happy where you are or something like that but no matter how hard I try, I find no happiness here, just loss, a feeling of emotional poverty. And as I look around, everyone is shouting ‘This is the place to be.’ You know how it goes, Sinatra sang all about it. All I see is a sad bedraggled looking place where the ‘general population’ lives in a bubble thinking their block, their neighborhood, their borough is the seat of the world. You would think they got out more often. There are those who have fashioned their bubble of liberal elitism who are truly the saddest having no real understanding of the rest, believing they are right in every aspect, perpetuating lies about the ‘other’ people, those who don’t reside in their bubble. I can’t even joke about it as my laugh forms a snide sound.
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