Ladies night

“Luck is an attitude!” ~Unknown

She spent so much time thinking about what she wanted to write and when it spilled out of her brain, it was just a few paragraphs that took less than 20 minutes to type into her blog. Then she was blank. She didn’t know how to conjure the story, to make it real, to make it interesting. Maybe the ladies night out would do her some good. She had already told Vera she would meet her at the restaurant, she didn’t want to ride with anyone in case the night turned out to be a waste, she could beg off early and head home. She had already decided it was going to be a two martini night.
She parked her car on the street just a half block from the restaurant and as she got out of the car, her mobile phone sing. It was Vera. “Hey Vera, I just parked. Where are you?” There was a slight pause in the phone, then “We’re on our way, Dee-Dee called to say she was coming. I’m picking her up now, we should be there in ten.”  “No problem” Sophie said, “I’ll find a spot at the bar, see ya’ in a minute.”
The shops were still open, owners hoping to get some business in the horrible economy. Sophie strolled, stopping to look in windows, passing right by the restaurant and continuing up the street. She hadn’t been in this waterside town in many years. Not since she left so long ago after she divorced. The stores were all different but for a few, the Country Store was still there and so was Brooks Brothers. She stopped and looked in the window of the Papryus store, surprized since she had only seen Papryus in malls. It was nice to be able to shop in a small town. She always liked small towns, remembering when she managed a shop in Westport a million years ago. It never ceased to amaze her how weird it felt to be back in NY and how awful. ‘Not for long’ she thought to herself, determined to pick up the pieces and head south or west again.
She strolled as far as the trestle, then turned to head back to the restaurant. She checked out the bar but there were no seats. The plan was, always is,to  eat at the bar rather than get a table. She headed outside and spotted Vera and Dee-Dee coming. “No seats, we’re gonna’ have to stare some people down until they leave.” The three of them headed in and stood near the end of the bar where there was one empty stool. Luck was on their side and a couple was getting ready to leave. “Good evening Ladies, what can I get you” beamed the bartender. “Three Kettle One martini’s very dry, lots of olives” in unison.

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