Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all keep a little place in the corner of our hearts to hold the simpler times of our lives. How simple would it be to be eight again. Old enough to know how to ride a bike and get around the neighborhood, young enough to believe in Santa Claus  and in the goodness of the world around you. I wouldn’t mind going back in time to the days as portrayed in the television show, The Walton's  where all problems could be solved in thirty minutes including commercials. Uncle John and John-Boy always made everything alright with generosity of spirit and an open mind centered on the good that can be found in each and every person. HOUSE MODEL2
I think it can really be as simple as that, as simple as centering on the good in each person. Well, maybe it’s easier when life is not so confounded. Our world is getting smaller and smaller, technology has opened so many avenues to connect. We are tweeting, emailing, face booking, blogging, sometimes while doing five other things, never fully present in one task, worried about the next thing, our jobs, our finances. We forget to connect with other people in the simple ways, a call to hear someone's voice, sitting down to write a friendly note, a visit to a neighbor, a touch, a smile, a human connection.
Technology can’t give us the human connection. The Walton’s had the human connection, each ready and able to be there for each other in a simpler way, a more connected way. Every episode was chuck full of relationship deepening, to take a phrase from the business world. Only relationship deepening in the business world is widely accepted as building on an existing  opportunity to sell multiple products. I’m thinking relationship deepening among humans is all about taking the time to learn and enjoy a person by centering on the good. Wouldn’t you want to share with family, friends, neighbors and  colleagues and clients in a more connected, centered and simpler way?
Technology doesn’t give us a warm fuzzy feeling but picking up the phone and hearing a friends voice does. How do you feel when you find a handwritten letter in your mailbox? I love the anticipation a handwritten note holds, the moments between taking it from the mail to the moment you sit down and slide the flap open, checking every detail of the envelope. When was the last time you stopped by your neighbors house to say hello? Sharing a moment together builds a remembered bond and don’t we all want to be remembered. Simpler times, simpler ideas help us to slow down and be human.
Stop now and center on the simple good in someone and see how it feels!

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