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Last night I started a new story. It has no title, no form, just a narrative flowing from my brain.
I struggle to know if what I am doing even makes sense since I am not an author (well maybe in my own mind) and neither have I been formally trained. I have been reading this one particular website for aspiring writers and I am amazed at the intricacies of which so many ‘aspiring writers’ are all ready aware. I gather the hard part is following all the exacting rules one is required to follow in order to get something actually published. Yikes! The word on the street is that so many people submit their writings, publishers have to eliminate by creating hoops for which the writer to jump. How high?
So sadly, a work could be very good but it may never be read because a rule was not followed exactly and so it was eliminated.
Well, I’m just going to keep writing because I enjoy it and if something comes of it wonderful, if not … well I won’t worry about it.

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