Wine, wine, wine!!!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day to tour a winery. I only wish my real camera was not packed in a box waiting to resume life in a permanent home. So, my camera phone had to suffice.  
The  rows of grape arbors were so beautiful, so calming!
Did you know that the largest population of winemakers reside in Italy? 
“La mia gente!” 
The grapes were so beautiful and almost at their peak …
The valley was incredible!
The barrels weren’t really rolling even though they may  look like they were in this picture.
Good thing my life’s goal is not to be a photographer.
Overlooking the vineyard is Wings Castle, an amazing site!

“Per la vostra salute!”

For more information, click on Millbrook Winery
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  1. Wow! That castle is amazing! I love the angle of the photo as well. I bet you had a great time. My hubby and I toured a winery on our honeymoon in Williamsburg, Virginia. We had lunch and then did the wine tasting. Afterwards we laughed that we should have had lunch afterwards so we could sit and get our heads back to normal before driving. We don't drink much, but when we do, it is usually wine....Rae

  2. @collectingyourself
    We did have a great time and what a very cool way to celebrate on a honeymoon.
    Thank you for stopping by.


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